About Bri Larson

“She looks like a mommy”

I have some artwork from when I was in Kindergarten of a self portrait. The teacher asked everyone to draw what you wanted to be when you grew up. I drew myself with very long legs. I wrote, “A mommy.” So I guess this has always been my quest, to be a mommy, although all through childhood I wanted to be a news anchor and producer.

I have two sons, Barrett and Joel, and I’m married to *my guy*, Josh. We’ve also got two dogs, Great Pyrenees mix Luna and English Cream Golden Retriever Sonny. I absolutely adore dogs. (And Golden Retrievers are my sweet spot.) We live in Iowa and enjoy a good (hefty) dose of TV when we catch a break.

If it’s a project, I’ll manage it

In the professional world I excel at digital project management. I joined the Hy-Vee IT project management team in 2021. I help out in the digital vertical with web design, mobile app development and software implementation projects. Previously, I worked in digital project/people management at Strategic America helping clients redesign their websites and organize large website programs. My PM style is process-oriented, organized and balanced with great communication. I’m motivated to work with kind, smart and creative people, and am always ready for that next challenge.

Software for the pups (and kitties)

Josh and I started Barkpass in 2019. It’s a SaaS product that allows cities and organizations to administer dog park registrations and pet licenses. We just unleashed a new version of the software and an updated marketing site in 2021. I’m excited to grow our client base and make registering for dog parks and pet licenses an easy experience!

When it’s time to unwind

I’m always running out my own clock and television is my little oasis from it all. I love me an endless amount of The Office, Parks and Rec, Portlandia, and Will & Grace. I like finding a great new show to watch and sharing the good word with fellow TV lovers.

I’d describe myself as a comedy enthusiast and love attending a good improv show. I even have a couple characters up my sleeve for when the occasion is just right!

I like to be healthy. From eating well (or attempting to eat well) to yoga and working out. I’m always trying to fix my chronically aching lower back. And leg. And foot. Ice pack anyone?

Lastly, I do love dogs. (I know, I already mentioned it! I’m really fascinated by learning about dog breeds and all their history, too.) I’ll rarely miss a daily walk with my pups. And believe you me, I tell them, “I love you, you’re amazing, you’re so beautiful” 5,000 times a day.