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ASSSSCAT: a night of comedic brilliance

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ASSSSCAT performing

Sitting five rows from center stage at Carnegie Hall, a rush of tingling sensation hits my finger tips as I enthusiastically clap my hands. In walks Amy Poehler, Matt Bessar, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. I was beyond excited leading up to this New York City moment, but this is surreal. This is crazy! Real life is giving me the ultimate treat.

And that treat is treated once more when I take a look at the program for the night:

Special guests Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz. Guest monologist Tina Fey.

So not only am I seeing the greatest and longest running improv troupe, ASSSSCAT, but I’m being delighted with those guests? GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. HANDS UP, HANDS DOWN, I DON’T CARE, JUST HANDS CLAPPING SO. VERY. HARD!

Ok, I’ll take it down two notches.

The show was incredible. It was creative and brilliant. So much funny. So much smart. I feel like short sentences here help show my tenor for the night.

Tina created monologues out of a random words and thoughts from the audience. The rest of the bunch improvised their hearts out. I witnessed so much comedic talent in those two hours.

Is it okay to call it a team sport?

What I love about improv is the team behind it. One of my improv worries is being asked to work around a word that I’ve never heard before. Or a topic that I have no knowledge about. There were some of those that night, but the scene didn’t start until everyone was on the same page. They were there for each other. No person was better than the other standing next to him or her. I think improv is the finest example of teamwork out there.

Nothing felt rushed that night. A scene would play out, and it was amazing to watch Amy carefully choose her words, slipping in breaks in the dialogue. Letting her fellow CAT take the lead, or put her in a silly situation, she embraced it all. Tina even joined a few scenes. 

A night of pure entertainment. Josh and I got a ice cream cones after the show. I think they were $15. Worth it.

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