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Emmys snubs that I just can’t get over. Cannot.

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Amy Poehler and Steve Carell are Emmys Snubs
Amy Poehler and Steve Carell holding hands at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.




  1. rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully.

  2. check the movement of (a horse or boat), especially by a rope wound around a post.


There are some things in life that make us cough with bad taste. Forget the horses, boats, and ropes around posts here. I’m talking about AWARD-WINNING people snubs.

The Emmy’s are a celebration of television. Winning an Emmy recognizes excellent performance in the television industry. There are multiple ceremonies throughout the year with the daytime and primetime awards being the most mentioned.

The winners of the various Emmy awards are all very deserving. Don’t get me wrong here. But there are a couple snubs that need to be made into public service announcements and small advertisements on your high-def monitor. And I’ll do that right now.

Steve Carell never won an Emmy for his performance of Michael Scott on The Office. Upon reading this (or if this serves as a friendly albeit unfortunate reminder), I bet you’re getting a lot of uncontrollable thoughts in your head, and possibly four or five swear words. Shhh. Keep it to yourself.

And another:

Amy Poehler still has not won an Emmy for playing Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. And let me tell you folks, the show starts its last season in 2015. Time to get the gear and get this taken care of!

Questions: How could this be? Why could this be?

First off, let me say that The Office did win five Emmy awards. Carell was nominated six times but never took home the golden-winged woman.

Amy Poehler has been nominated five times for her performance on Parks and Rec and two times as supporting actress on Saturday Night Live. What’s maybe more crazy here is that Parks and Rec has also not won a single Emmy. Only nominated. Never a bride.

These are two programs that I strongly support, and their lead ponchos did not/have not gotten the one award that is solely for TV. It’s mind-boggling. So I wish I knew what the deal was.

Rainn Wilson had a pretty famous tweet:

TG for the Golden Globes. The Globes have been the saving grace for both of these shows. Both Carell and Poehler have picked up a prestigious globe award, and we must thank God for that.

Goodnight is right.

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