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Why process fits my personality

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A monkey.

I’m one of those people who really likes a routine. Not necessarily doing the same thing everyday. No, that would be boring. But more waking up around the same time everyday, eating a morning banana with the dogs, driving that predictive 10-15 minutes into work, leaving at a suitable hour for lunch with the pup (pee pee), and watching a quality television program at night. And if a small gathering should pop in every once in a while, well that’s perfectly fine.

I’m sold; sign me up.

This doesn’t just balance out my home life. You’ve guessed it: I like routine in my professional career as well! I like to call this process, or a process, for taking care of necessary business. Keeping projects on tighter than tight schedules, on budget and under control. It’s what keeps those knots in my upper shoulders/neck region stronger than ever.

A process to handle various situations is what keeps me going when managing multiple projects at once. Without process, I would literally be a screaming monkey.

But processes don’t always work out. It’s just the nature of the game, kids. I think the typical reason is due to communication. And it may not be internal—it could be something you were unable to control. Variability. Unpredictability.

Oh process, what are you even good for?

This is key in my pivot here. Ever heard, “People over process”?

This phrase is common in the Agile Methodology where “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” is the first bullet in the list. This method of course spins me both ways since I value people, their thoughts and feelings. And I want people to collaborate, share their thoughts and make cool products without that feeling of constraint. But I also know that in the advertising, marketing and web world it is difficult to obtain new work without demonstrating that you know what you’re doing (sometimes known as, “What’s your process to get this done, sir?”)

So it’s just a little struggle. It’s where I look to let a little more flexibility into my process-driven workflow. Because, why not?

The more time and experience you have with something, especially the people you’re working with, hopefully the more predictive they will be, and thus, less process needed. But if things derail, because why not, then reel those fish in again.

What about dogs? How do they fit into this?

Oh lots of ways and thank you for letting me end with this thought. Balance, routine and process. Happy dogs. But the simple thing here is trust. Why would anyone follow your lead unless they could trust you? Dogs will do a lot more for you if they can trust you. So you need people to trust your process. Gain some trust and then let them run off leash for a bit.

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