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Talking it up on Above The Fold Podcast

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Above The Fold Podcast

A guy. A girl. Two microphones. A laptop. Garage Band running on that laptop. Another laptop. Two pairs of headphones. Two glasses of water. Maybe some candies. An electric piano. Smiles because we’re having fun.


So recently Josh and I started a podcast. Together, we chat about our lives and things attractive to young professionals. We made an official announcement by video. Talk about multichannel promotion! What!

What is this podcast all about?

I’m so glad you asked. Let me tell you. It’s called Above The Fold Podcast. Each episode, we discuss a marketing-related topic with some comedy on the side.

Josh and I both work in the advertising world, specifically on websites for clients. He has the angle of web developer, and I have the angle of interactive project manager/SEO strategist. Together we cover a lot of ground!

We both like listening to podcasts, and through analyzing our own conversations, thought it would be neat to start our own. Plus we are pretty funny. Multiple sources have confirmed this for us. We even have a website for the podcast, so you know this is serious stuff.

What have I learned so far from podcasting?

  • Sound is everything. The first things we bought were microphones. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, but you do want to invest in quality. There is also an art of speaking into the microphone correctly.
  • Recording the podcast can be done right on your laptop. We use Garage Band to record the tracks, then edit in Adobe Audition. By “we” I mean Josh leads the way.
  • Keeping the conversation flowing takes talent. In normal, non-recorded conversations, you may pause a lot. But when you’re recording yourself, lots of dead air can leave listeners less engaged.
  • Headphones help you adjust your voice. Plus you also look more legit and B.A.
  • Guests on the show…that’s the next step!

Would you like to be a guest? Would you like to be our guest? What’s your favorite treat?

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